Lamberink RL33 Ferris Wheel for Britta Trading

New Lamberink RL33 Ferris wheel for Britta Trading

Another great collaboration between RP Rides and Lamberink Ferris Wheels.

Overschild, 3 March 2023 – With the first RL33 Ferris wheel in production for delivery in spring to Dreamland Amusements in the USA, RP Rides and Lamberink Ferris Wheels announce another successful collaboration. We congratulate Lucia Prajisteanu, owner and director of Britta Trading on the purchase of a brand new RL33 Ferris Wheel with scheduled delivery later this summer.

Britta Trading

Britta Trading is a premier attraction operator for the leisure and entertainment industry in Romania. The new RL33 Ferris wheel will be in operation at several festivals and seasonal-events throughout Romania later this year.

RL33 Ferris Wheel - Lamberink
RL33 Ferris Wheel 33 m

Lamberink Ferris Wheels

Lamberink Ferris Wheels, founded in 2014 is a well-known name in the business of Ferris wheels. They’ve produced many successful Ferris wheels for midways, carnivals, fairs, and events. With years of experience in operating, building, and maintaining Ferris wheels and a bright future, Lamberink is the perfect partner for any Ferris wheel project.

RL33 Ferris wheel

With a height of 33 meters and an hourly capacity of 1150 pp/h the RL33 Ferris Wheel is still Lamberink’s most successful model. The wheel is designed and manufactured according to EN 13814 and is easy to set up in only one day! An automatic control system makes it easy to operate and for clients looking for something special, there are plenty of customisation options! 

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