Ferris Wheel 46 m

The 46 m tall Ferris wheel is the ideal eye-catcher for amusement parks and carnivals looking for a ride that offers stunning views for riders of all ages. With 36 fully enclosed gondolas and a capacity of 216 persons per cycle, this Ferris wheel is equipped with EN-complaint safety features for a safe and enjoyable ride.

Additionally, the Ferris wheel can also be customized to fit the theme and aesthetic of your facility. With additional lighting and theming options available, you can create a truly unique and memorable attraction that well fits in your facility. Contact us today to learn more about our 46 m tall Ferris wheel.

Ferris Wheel RLS50

Technical details

46 m

Max. height of 46 m and a wheel diameter of 42 m.

24 m x 17 m

Footprint (LxW).

Approx. 1800 people /h

36 enclosed gondolas with a maximum of 6 people per gondola.

150.000 Kg

Without load.

Electric drive system

3 x 80 Ampere / 380 Volt.

Set up in approx. 30 hours

Mechanical set up of base frame.

11 Transports

3x gondolas 3x spokes 2x supports 1x floors 2x foundation.

Features & options

Ideal eye catcher

With a height of 46 m the RL46 Ferris wheel is the perfect eye-catcher on any location. It assures your visitors of spectacular views.

Enclosed gondolas

36 enclosed gondolas for a maximum of 6 persons per gondola. Gondolas can be equipped with additional features to increase ride comfort.

Electric drive system

The wheel is powered by 8 electric drive motors and PLC controlled for a smooth rotation. System has manual and automatic mode.

VIP Gondola

Optional the RL46 Ferris wheel can be equipped with VIP gondolas to offer an extra luxury ride experience to your guests.

Pictures of Ferris Wheel 46 m

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