Reprofiled I-Box Coasters

Upgrade for the future

Reprofiled I-Box Coasters by Rocky Mountain Construction is the most cost-effective way to revitalize your amusement park and attract more visitors. Upgrading your existing wooden roller coaster into a reprofiled I-Box coaster will prepare your coaster for the future and increase guest satisfaction. RMC’s patented I-Box track technology allows for a smoother, more thrilling ride experience, all while utilizing your existing support structure.

Not only will our Reprofiled I-Box Coasters provide a new and exciting attraction for your park, but they also have the potential to increase annual attendance and revenue. The I-Box track is made in-house at RMC’s production facility in Hayden, ID, and can be used with either wooden or steel support structures. This allows for greater precision in engineering and construction, resulting in a top-quality product.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your park with the latest and greatest in roller coaster technology. Contact us today to learn more about RMC’s Reprofiled I-Box Coasters and how they can benefit your business.

Reprofiled I-Box Coasters - Iron Gwazi at Bush Gardens Tampa

Features & Benefits

Faster, higher, bigger

I-Box track makes faster speeds, higher G-forces, and bigger drops possible.

Inversions and more

Inversions and other extreme elements are possible on our hybrid coasters.


Fully customizable to make it a unique hybrid coaster that perfectly fits in your park.

Reduce maintenance costs

Maintenance costs are reduced compared to traditional wooden roller coasters.

Reuse of existing coaster

RMC can reuse parts of the existing structures and foundations which simplifies the permitting process. Reusing parts of the existing coaster is a sustainable and cost-efficient choice.

Swing axle roller coaster trains

RMC’s state-of-the-art steering axle trains are designed with safety and comfort in mind. These trains come equipped with lap-bar restraints, engineered shock absorption systems, and ADA-accessible seats, ensuring a smooth and safe ride for all riders.

In addition to these features, the trains are also equipped with a class 5 ASTM-compliant restraint system featuring dual redundancy and unique hydraulic locking restraint cylinders. The integrated bogie suspension system adds an extra level of comfort and ensures a revolutionary smooth ride experience. The side panels and lead car of the trains are fully customizable, allowing them to seamlessly fit into any amusement park.

Reduce maintenance costs

RMC’s I-Box track is designed to better distribute the dynamic loads of the trains, resulting in less fatigue on the ride structure compared to traditional wooden coaster track. This not only increases the longevity of the coaster but also lowers maintenance costs. The track of a hybrid I-Box coaster doesn’t require daily inspection, unlike traditional wooden coasters.

The trains on a hybrid I-Box coaster ride on their up-stop wheels in the maintenance bay, allowing for easy access during inspections and maintenance. This helps to streamline the maintenance process and ensure that the coaster is always operating at its best. Choose RMC’s I-Box track for a reliable and cost-effective roller coaster solution.

Reprofiled I-box Coasters across the globe

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