Raptor Coasters

Unique ride experience

Rocky Mountain Construction is proud to offer revolutionary single rail track technology. The innovative Raptor Coasters provide a phenomenal ride experience based on RMC’s patented I-Box track design and proprietary trains. Riders experience thrilling elements as they fly along RMC’s incredibly smooth steel Raptor track.

Riders have a personalized experience as they climb into single seat cars with open air on both sides as they speed around tight turns and inversions. Besides our standard compact layouts there are plenty of options for a custom designed Raptor coaster to make it a perfect fit in your park! Coaster track, structure and trains are all designed and manufactured at RMC’s own production facility in Hayden, ID USA.

Features & Benefits

Unique ride experience

Unique ride experience unlike any other traditional coasters on the market.

Compact design

The Raptor Coaster comes in a surprisingly small footprint.

Inversions and more

Inversions and other extreme elements are possible.


Fully customizable to make it a perfect fit in your park.

Moving Station

Optional moving station increases the hourly capacity.

Open train design

Open train design offers riders a very freely ride experience.

Wonder Woman Flight of Courage - Six Flags Magic Mountain

2nd generation trains

Raptor Coasters featuring RMC’s 2nd generation trains offer a different ride experience at every seating position. The open trains with over the shoulder lap bar restrain system provide your guests with a very freely ride experience. The 12 car trains provide a different ride experience in each seat.

The trains are equipped with class 5 ASTM-complaint restrain system including dual redundancy featuring mechanical lock-pawl system. The lead car and body colours are fully customizable to make it a perfect fit within the story you’re telling.

Small footprint

Compared to traditional dual-railed steel coasters, Raptor coasters provide great value by using less steel and reducing installation time. Even better: it comes in a surprisingly compact footprint!  Because of RMC’s attention to detail and vertically integrated business model, parks are ensured a smooth installation of a reliable, high-quality roller coaster. Optional the hourly capacity can be increased with an additional moving loading / unloading station. 

Raptor Coasters across the globe

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