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Interactive Dark Ride

Smash & Reload is a compact media-based interactive dark ride combining a fun and immersive gameplay with a smart ride system. This midway attraction can stand alone in a dedicated building or themed area, or it can be integrated in an indoor family entertainment center.

With its amazing visitor capacity Smash & Reload offers the best price-to-throughput ratio across the industry. Equipped with a high-level sound system and exciting project technologies, guests enjoy a thrilling experience. From their rotatable vehicle, they load the pointing device and then turn to play the game, an action repeating across the four scenes during a 4-minute ride experience.

Smash & Reload comes in two shapes: the original with 5 vehicles and the compact XXS with three vehicles. These can be multiplied, repeating the same content or offering different rides each time. All vehicles are fully synchronized in a smooth choreographic movement, which means they simultaneously turn and stop at each screen during loading and smashing. This creates more excitement during the ride for all players and optimizes the experience, avoiding sound pollution between the vehicles.

Features & benefits

Small footprint

Easy to fit in exciting building or as part of FEC or themed area.

High capacity

High guest throughput of approx. 400 pp/h with 5 vehicles.

4 minutes ride time

4 minutes of interactive gameplay time for one ride cycle.


Multiple IP's available or integrate your own custom IP.


Fully customizable to make it a perfect fit in your park.

Double Action
Double Fun

Smash & Reload features a multi-sensory gameplay with intuitive action based on a two-step approach. During the ride, all players fulfill an exciting mission: save the city from rapidly replicating TooMush mushrooms, catch villain brothers in the Big Dalton’s Escape or chase food for hungry Marsu babies across a tropical forest. all of these are based on an easy storyline and fun gameplay that engages the players and after a short pre-show launches them immediately into the ride and the themed universe.

Powerful stories & media content

BoldMove’s integrated storytelling and design teams built a strong expertise in working with IP license owners to select and apply comic book characters to 2D or 3D-animated media with interactive gameplay. But also an existing park mascot and story can be turned into an interactive ride experience with adapted media content and characters to fit any venue and audience.

Available IP's for Smash & Reload


The Daltons are escaped, can you help the sheriff to bring them back?


Chase food for hungry Marsu babies across a tropical forest.


Save the city from rapidly replicating TooMush mushrooms.

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