Media based attractions

Together with Boldmove Nation and its global network of industry experts, we offer dark rides and media-based attractions for theme parks and waterparks, zoos, leisure, and retail venues. All media-based rides, virtual- and augmented-reality attractions are based on proven technologies and engaging gameplay. We advise and guide customers from first contact to opening their new media ride or attraction.

More information about Boldmove Nation products and services can be found below. Curious about how a media-based attraction will fit in your park? Feel free to contact us!

Media based attractions - AR & VR technology

WaterSlider VR

The WaterSlider VR combines physical thrills with virtual reality and is based on a life raft suitable for four people and one wheelchair. Guests can enjoy through VR goggles a sensational virtual ride into the depth of the ocean.

IP based attractions

From stand alone media based attractions to a complete dark ride or a full-fledged family entertainment center based on populair IP's. Everything is possible with BoldMoves flexible creative team of industry experts.

Features & benefits

Network of industry professionals

Boldmove Nation has a strong network of industry experts with over 20+ years of experience in creating dark rides and immersive experiences.

Highest industry safety standards

All dark rides are designed and manufactured following EN 13814 quality and safety standards.

Customized options available

Every ride, from the ride system to media content and theming is fully customisable to seamlessly fit into your park's aesthetics.

Advanced technologies

We offer Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality to elevate visitor experiences. Hand-gesture, shooting, or control-based interactivity combined with theming, show control, and vehicle management create engaging and immersive experiences.

Engaging media

Engaging media content and characters can be developed upon demand to match the ride dynamics and themes. We also offer in-house IPs available for clients with a limited budget.

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