Roller Coasters

In collaboration with Rocky Mountain Construction we offer high class roller coasters. RMC is a well known manufacturer because of it’s uniquely designed, twisty and smooth roller coasters. All coasters are designed and build by RMC’s own team. Together with RMC we advice and guide customers in the proces of purchasing a RMC roller coaster.

More information about RMC’s products and services can be found below. Curious in how a RMC coaster will fit in your park? Feel free to contact us!

Products & Services

Steel Coasters

Revolutionary and unique SINGLE rail Raptor & T-Rex track technology. These coasters offer your guests a phenomenal ride experience based on RMC's patented track design and proprietary trains.

Hybrid Coasters

Hybrid I-box coaster utilize traditional wood structure in combination with steel I-box track. The I-box track allows for thrilling elements such as inversions, steeper drops and high banking turns.

Family Coasters

The family hybrid coaster utilizes the same state of the art I-box track as RMC's extreme hybrid coasters, but with a more modest ride layout. 3 standard layouts and custom layout design available.

Coaster Refurbishment

208 RetraK is the latest innovation in track replacement. 208 RetraK will last for years and eliminate the need for continuous inspection, repair and replacement of traditional wooden track.
Zadra - Energylandia

Features & Benefits

Family owned business

Rocky Mountain Construction is a family owned company with over 30 years of experience in building and operating roller coasters.

Designed & manufactured according highest industry safety standards

Quality and safety standards according ASTM F24 and / or EN 13814 specifications.

Customized layouts

Customized layout design for an unique ride experience.

Reduce maintenance costs

I-box track reduces maintenance costs and increasing track life.

High quality materials

RMC coasters are build with high quality wood and steel.

Authentic craftsmanship

Wooden structures are handmade on site.

24/7 service available

Service department is 24/7 available to reduce downtime of your roller coaster.

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