Spokeless Wheel

The Spokeless Wheel is the latest innovation in terms of ferris wheels. This ride is an absolute eye catcher with it’s futuristic and unusual appearance on any location for passengers and spectators. The capacity is 180 passengers per cycle. 

All ferris wheel models can be customized with additional lights, theming etc. to meet client wishes.

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Spokeless Wheel
Spokeless Wheel

Technical details

38 m

Max. height of 38 m.

15 m x 15 m

Footprint (LxW).

Approx. 1100 people /h

30 closed gondolas with a maximum of 6 people per gondola.

63.000 - 68.000 Kg

Without load.

Electric drive system

3 x 80 Ampere / 380 Volt.

Set up in approx. 6 hours

Mechanical set up of base frame.

3 Transports

2x gondolas 1x foundation.


Unique design

The unique wheel design is an absolute eye catcher on any location for passengers and spectators.

30 Closed gondolas

30 closed gondolas for a maximum of 6 persons per gondola. Various options available.

Electric drive system

The wheel is powered by 4 electric drive motors and PLC controlled for a smooth rotation.

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